PHREEQC for Windows

Frequently asked questions


To which DOS/Linux/Sun version does PHREEQC for Windows correspond?

From version 2.8.00 on, the version number will run parallel with the version number of the PHREEQC-2 source code. So, PHREEQC for Windows 2.8 uses version 2.8 of the PHREEQC-2 source code.

Will there be a Mac/Linux version of Phreeqc for Windows?

No, I don't have the time to port the application to another operating system.


Why does PHREEQC for Windows complain about access to the registry?

This is a problem that frequently occurs in classrooms. PHREEQC for Windows uses the registry, a central database on Windows computers, to store user preferences. When a users has limited access rights, which is often the case when the computer is part of a network, problems may arise. Version 2.10.01 provides more flexible handling of registry access and should solve the problems that occurred with previous versions.

Note that PHREEQC for Windows may not be able to find the database file when installed by an administrator or on a network drive. This problem can easily be fixed by selecting the database under Calculations | Files (check "Default" and click the OK button).

Why does the input editor sometimes mess up?

This problem is caused in versions up to 1.5.12 under Windows XP or when long lines can not be displayed completely by a nasty bug that I couldn't get rid of. From version 2.8.00 the bug is history, so the cure is to upgrade to this version, which you can obtain here.

Why is the Help | Manual entry disabled in the main menu?

PHREEQC for Windows looks for a file called manual.pdf in the folder where the program was installed. If the file cannot be found, the menu entry is disabled. The manual can be obtained here

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